Founder & CEO

This is Musa and Malik, they are excellent at helping dogs and puppies!


Vice President

This is me and the late Jordan. She was an spectacular assistant in rehabbing many dogs in her time.



Morgan is our 7 year old English Springer Spaniel. She is one of the most balanced dogs that helps rehab others.


Meet the Family

We are a small family business in the city of Austin, TX. In this beautiful city, we have grown our small business to help the community, raise two small boys and plan on being here years to come.

Our Story

River City Dog Manners is a family owned, local dog training business Austin, TX business that was started by a local mother when she the saw a desire need in quality business ethics and training. Julie Touray started as a veterinarian technician in 2001 and had an ultimate love and strong passion to care for animals medically and mentally. She started professionally working with police dogs, puppies and obedience specializing in canine behavior modification, dealing with some of the most severe cases in the state.

At River City Dog Manners, they have had owners literally at their wits end and in tears because they do not know what to do. RCDM also have dog owners that call BEFORE getting a puppy or newly adopted dog so they can go over the "do's & don'ts" of the home and public. Best said, "Just because I own a car doesn't mean I'm a mechanic." RCDM doesn't expect owners to spend hours a day training their dog, but we will come in and show you the most effective methods that will fit for you and your dog and you will see results before we leave the first lesson.

​​With over a decade of professional dog training experience, Julie has excelled in certification courses, behavior modification seminars and worked with some of the best trainers on the west coast. But she's not stopping there. After having two boys, she continues to grow locally and state wide. So when researching for a dog trainer, it is best that you know what experience, both academic and hands on, they have. Hiring a dog trainer can be frustrating and confusing, so on our website you will find our achievements and credentials. We also recommend you calling us to go over any and all questions you may have. If you are ready to start now, please go to Make Appointment under New Clients and start now!