How much is the training?

We know that every owner, dog and experience is different. So we are far from a cookie cutter style of training. We need to make an assessment with the Behavior Evaluation first BEFORE we can make any assumptions on what kind of training we can do. PLEASE NOTE: Not every dog will come into our programs, we have to make sure we are a good fit for you.

What’s your return policy?

Once the training has started, I put every effort into each owner and dog pair to ensure the best training possible. I spend many hours creating the program lesson by lesson to achieve the goals dog training has to offer. Even when I am not at your house, I am creating the next step for you and your dog. There is no refund policy after the training has started because of this exact reason.

How do you know this will work?

There will be times of frustration, doubt and a bit of discouragement, but you can not give up. Even thinking of switching trainers will cause more confusion for yourself and your dog. Keeping on track and following the programs I have designed will lead you down to the path you and your dog deserves. Just like building a home, starting a new job, there will be times it can get confusing but I am here literally step by step for every owner.

How do I know what training style will work?

Most owners go into wanting to train their dog with a technique or style they heard about from a friend, another trainer or even o TV. I will tell you that will e the worse way going into it. Having a professional dog trainer assess your dog and determine what tools and technique will depend on the outcome of your results. Not every tools works for every dog and owner and even through out the program, we could be changing up tools. BUT a tools is not a technique, which I will go into later during training lessons.